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In order to realize a QA/QC system, setting specific goals is necessary. To materialize the so-called goals, certain programs should be designed and these programs should be constantly verified by reports, forms and etc.

Effective and systematic Quality Control Plan is established for attainment of project quality objects. All personnel would also manage, perform and verify activities affecting quality in accordance with the established Quality Control Plan. The effective and systematic Quality Control Plan means providing confidence in quality to the owner by establishing a plan for the activities affecting quality in advance, implementing as planned and evaluating it continuously by verification and audit of implemented activities.

Quality will be achieved and sustained by the responsible personnel who are given responsibility and authority to perform activities affecting the quality. Therefore all personnel, including Project Manager who manages, performs and verifies the key activities would understand the Quality Policy, quality objects and requirements of Quality Control Plan adequately, and would carry out activities correctly in accordance with the requirements.

Purpose of QA/QC

This plan assures that the project is performed in compliance with applicable contractual terms, technical specifications. This also assures that the project is executed in a way that provides safe and reliable start-up and operation of the job.


QA/QC is applied to construction work performed by contractor & its subcontractor, such as Fabrication, implementation and Inspection.

This plan would be used as a general QA/QC policy and different suppliers will have their own procedures based on their long term experiences, practices and their standards and codes. They will present their relevant QA/QC plan for review and approval by the contractor during execution of project.