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Project Management Objectives in Oil & Gas industry include:

  • To understand the link between organization strategies and projects
  • To be able to manage stakeholders involved in a project
  • To appreciate the difference between planning and scheduling
  • To break a project down into deliverable sections which should be managed using Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • To understand and apply estimating techniques and critical path analysis
  • To understand the importance of Risk Management and how to set up an appropriate Quality Management approach for a project
  • To understand the importance of the control cycle in managing projects

IPEC's Project Management Office (PMO) has adopted PMBOK as its Project Management benchmark for development of a common lexicon for project management activities. Key elements of PMBOK can be very useful in the planning and execution of feasibility and concept-select studies. These projects are very fast paced with each one having a unique set of conditions within the greater context of offshore oil and gas field developments.

Project Management Information System


With information management projects will be able to improve processes for how they define, locate, collect, store, analyze, share and use information. At IPEC’s Project Management Office we use our own Project Management Information System (IPEC PMIS) to collect, combine and distribute information through electronic and manual means. IPEC PMIS is used by upper and lower management to communicate with each other. IPEC PMIS helps plan, execute and close project management goals.