Inline Inspection

Inline Inspection (Intelligent Pig Running)

Modern intelligent pigs are highly sophisticated instruments that vary in technology and complexity by the intended use and by manufacturer. An intelligent pig, or smart pig, is basically a computer that collects various forms of data during the trip through the pipeline. The smart pigs are divided into the following types:

Caliper : The Caliper Tool gathers geometrical data from the pipeline and it is necessary to run the Caliper before using other intelligent pigs.

MFL : The MFL Tool measures the amount of leakage of a magnetic flux which is generated as a loop that passes the pipe wall thickness to find internal and external metal loss features.

UT : The Ultrasonic Pig uses special transducers to generate a special signal. The signal passes through the pipe wall thickness and therefore the transducer gets several echoes. By measuring the intensity and energy of the received signals, it will find and estimation of the pipe wall thickness in every region near the transducers. By analyzing the data from UT Pig Run, we can find the exact location of each metal loss feature and also we can get an estimate of its size.