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IPEC’s experts are specialized in Oil and Gas industry, as well as Pipeline Engineering and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering. Their job is to provide the best service to local and international project owners. Each single one of our experts has experience in his field and they are all gathered together to build a group of highly-sophisticated managers and engineers who are willing to share their expertise with those who need it.

Since technical aspects of a project can play an important role in the progress of a project, therefore, the managers of IPEC are doing their best to create the best atmosphere for the engineering team to work at peak efficiency.

IPEC’s specialists are ready to give services to future partners in terms of relationships that cause long-lasting mutual benefits for the sides. IPEC has the capacity to cooperate in commercial affairs as well as engineering projects with eager partners all over the world.

IPEC would welcome cooperative projects in which best services are needed. IPEC is also willing to globalize its services and perform engineering and commercial projects all over the world.