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Considering that fact that there are no sharp boundaries between project elements, technical and commercials, the skill which is highly needed to manage both commercial aspects and technical issues of purchase is of high level proficiency and importance.

IPEC’s commercial department major activities include customizing procurement functions of each individual project such as preparation of financial estimation’ procurement time scheduling and supply of required materials. The department also executes purchasing activities that consist of obtaining all vendor data as required for engineering schedule, obtaining timely quotations and placing technologically & economically assessed orders, conclusion of contracts, customs clearance and transportation.

Obtaining all vendor certificates required for quality assurance, assessment of any warranties and settlement of any claims are other services that IPEC provides through this department. The major activities of IPEC’s Commercial and Procurement Department are as follows:

  • Market / Vendor / Trade Survey
  • Order Placement
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Vendor Documents Review (VDR)
  • Procurement Management

IPEC service, based on various aspects of experience, recorded knowledge and spread connections all over the world creates a state of the art service. Applying our finance, sourcing and foreign purchase norms, our department serves as the provider of Equipment to company projects in a timely and quality manner.