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About Us

IPEC (Ideh-Pouyan Energy Co.) is a private company, specialized in engineering and services of different types of pipelines. According to the team’s high level of expertise in both onshore and offshore pipelines, IPEC is always interested to carry out projects that challenge the engineering society of oil and gas industry. Our capability spans all types of pipeline services such as basic design, detailed design and precommissioning. By employing the most capable and experienced engineers and industry leading processes, we aim to serve our clients with state-of-the-art services.

IPEC employs highly qualified individuals from a variety of engineering disciplines and has strong commitment to training and continuous personal development of its team.

Beside from gathering a spectacular team, IPEC also has a close contact with local and international partners who have made IPEC gain reputation among most of the local project owners. The international partners of IPEC include those who share the engineering know-how with our engineering team and also those who share their most high-tech equipment with us during the projects. Being connected to the world-leading companies especially in offshore engineering has made us gain the cutting edge engineering knowledge and most advanced processes.

IPEC is going to earn a reputation for cost-effective design and high quality job. IPEC will continue to work hard, gain experience and invest in order to see opportunities, capitalize on its strengths and be responsive to environment, community as well as its shareholders. Satisfaction of all people who are related to IPEC, as a client or customer or even as a partner, is the main goal of our company to provide the required services.